Working With Monat: What It’s All About! Work From Home, Make Your Own Salary, Be Your Own…GIRL BOSS

Hello Explorers,

I have some very interesting new to share with you guys today! I am going to be talking about a new company that I just began working with, that you guys can work with too! To give you a little background before we dive into this, Monat stands for Modern Nature. This is a hair care company that is sweeping the nation right now. Only being in business for 3.5 years, Monat is the number one growing multilevel marketing business in the US, Canada, and the UK. Joining Monat in its prime time, before it hits it’s five year mark, is considered hitting gold. Want to become rich on your own, and work your own hours?


What is Monat and what is it made of?

Monat is one of the best hair care companies on the market right now, and if I’m being honest, it IS the best one. We are a vegan, cruelty free, and gluten hair company.

Our brand says NO to:

  1. Paarabens
  2. Sulfates
  3. DEA/MEA
  4. Palates
  5. PEG
  6. Harsh Salt Systems
  7. Silicones
  8. Harmful Colors or Fragrances

There is absolutely ZERO harmful chemicals in our shampoos and hair products and every product we have is made from 11 rare molecular ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients, and so much more.

Monat is so natural that the shampoo can actually double as a face wash! Now, I know this may strike you as totally crazy and you’re probably thinking:

“Shampoo as hair wash?? As if!”

I am here to tell you:

“YES! Shampoo as face wash!”

Because of how amazing our product is, you are able to use it for EVERYTHING such as hair, skin, and nails! I am telling you all…


Why buy Monat? Hair Testimonials:


Here are some example of hair testimonials! Monat is great at not only repairing damaged hair, conditioning and hydrating, controlling frizz and other hair problems, but it is also amazing at hair regrowth! It is one of the only dependable hair growth companies right now and it actually works!

Becoming a Monat Customer:

Want to become a VIP customer? Becoming a VIP customer means that you get free shipping for life, AND 15% off purchases!

How do you get this?

  1. Contact me at OR through instagram dm at @ryann71

Tell me about your hair! What do you like and what do you hate? How can I make you feel beautiful and confident with your hair? I will give you my best recommendation!

  1. I will sign you up to become a VIP and you will receive all the perks
  2. You will pay a one time $19.99 VIP registration fee and buy $84 USD worth of Monat products. This will give you your VIP status and you can continue buying Monat here after whenever you want for free shipping AND 15% off.
  3. THERES MORE. Want to earn credit to Monat? Refer 3 friends to me and you will earn $84 USD credit to Monat products! That is an absolute steal!

If you’re tired of dull hair its time for you to explore Modern Nature! If you’re interested, but have specific questions, or maybe you’re even a little bit skeptical, feel free to shoot me a message and I can answer any question you may have!

Love Monat and Want to Become A Market Partner like Me?

Becoming a Market Partner is simple, easy and so much fun! Many people actually have had so much success selling and working for Monat that they have quit their corporate jobs to sell Monat full time! The greatest part about working for Monat is that it is completely on you how much YOU want to work. Wether you’re a stay at home mom/dad, or even a full time employee Monat IS for you.

Don’t think you’ll have time?

Well I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong! If you have 5 minutes to read this post, or scroll through social media, or quite honestly do anything, you have time for Monat!

To start working for Monat:

  1. Contact me at OR through instagram dm at @ryann71
  2. I will enroll you to become a Market Partner and I will become your up-line! Now, just because I am your up-line, doesn’t mean that I make more money than you. If is very possible and likely that you can even make more money than me! We are a TEAM so the better we all do together, the better we do individually! However, ultimately, you are your OWN business!
  3. You will purchase a one time business pack anywhere between $99-670 USD. This is the ONLY thing you will ever purchase when selling Monat. I highly recommend the $299 USD package simply because I think it is the best starter and you will get the most out of it. You will receive 11 full size products for yourself, as well as samples to give out, marketing tools and guides, a license to sell, and so much more!
  4. You will be placing orders directly from home through your own computer. There is never any inventory that you have with you that you must try to sell or get rid of. You place the orders when they come to you!
  5. You join an amazing group of boss babes that will help you through the entire journey. We do conference calls, and have Facebook group Units to help you learn and discover Monat. You will never be alone!
  6. Getting Paid/Comp Plan
    • VIP=Customer MP=Market Partner
    • Smart Start (your first 3 months in business)
    • VIP orders= 15%-30% commission
    • 4 VIPS= $60 bonus
    • MPs that sign depending on product pack= $100/$120/$220 bonuses
    • “Block”= 1MP+4VIPS= $150 bonus + commission+ $100 for MP totals to about $350 
    • 3 blocks (in smart start= 3 blocks (3MP + 12VIP)= $500 bonus
    • Matching advancement bonus (if your personal sponsor hits)
    • MMB and you are also MMB= $500 
    • Matching smart start bonus (when someone you personally sponsor completes a block) = $75 bonus 
    • Matching market partner bonus (when someone you personally sponsor completes a block)= $25 bonus


  7. Rank Bonuses 
    • MMP- $100
    • AMB- $100
    • MB- $150
    • MMB- $500
    • AMM- $500
    • MM- $1000
    • MMM- $2500
    • AED- $5000
    • SED- $20000
  8. Getting Paid
    • Weekly (every Friday)= VIP and retail sales, new MP product pack bonuses
    • Monthly (15th of every month) = VIP (getting 4), Block bonus, smart start, commissions paid by rank, rank advancement, matching rank advancement bonuses.

Join this amazing team and discover Monat!

If you guys have any questions at all, please contact me via:


Instagram: @ryann71

I am so excited to start working with you guys! Be a boss babe and work on your own time! Make your OWN salary!

Stay Curious,



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