The Best of Vine:Procrastinate Your Midterms With Me

Hello explorers,

Yet again I am the worst content creator EVER. However, new video will be up tomorrow, so wait out for that one! Todays blog is going to be the best of vine. I figured this was a good way to get back into my social media game by laughing a little bit. As we all know, its the dreadful midterm season and I am sure that the best way to procrastinate is by looking at the most iconic vines of all time.

1. “Ooooooo, he needs some milk”

2. “Hi welcome to Chili’s”

3. “It is Wednesday my dudes”

4. “Country boy, I love you ahhhwweelhwh”

5. “Escalera oooooooaaaa”

6. “F**k ya chicken strips”

7. “Barbecue sauce on my titties”

8. “Gimme your F**KING money”

9. “That was legitness”

10. “Ms. Keisha, MS. KEISHA! Oh my f**king god she f**king dead”

“Fre sha vocado”

12. “Staaaahp I coulda dropped my croissant”

13. “That’s my OPINION”

14. “You’re not my dad, ugly ass f**king noodle head”

15. “What the f**k Richard”

16. “This bitch empty, YEET”

17. “Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does”

18. “What up I’m Jared I’m 19 and I never f**king learned how to read”

19. “Um I’m never been to oovoo javer”

20. “My god they were roommates”


There you have it folks, the top 20 vine references.


If you guys have any new blog/video suggestions please shoot me an email at OR comment down below. I am super excited to get myself out there again and start picking up blogging and Youtube again as I have so much to share with everyone! I love all the support and emails that I’ve been getting lately and it is super awesome to see everyone wanting me to pick up my social media hobby again. I never stopped loving social media, but like I said in my prior blog..


With that being said I will see you guys in tomorrows video and blog!

Stay Curious,



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