Life Update…LOL

Hello explorers,

Okay so..

It’s been like a million years since I’ve actually written anything and for that..




NOW. Before you rid me as the worst blogger in the history of the world, let me explain.

I have been SOO busy. As many of you guys know, I am attending California State University San Marcos and I am about three weeks into my freshman year.

Everything has been a really big and almost difficult adjustment and I am just now becoming more aware of my surroundings. With that being said, I did actually film a move in vlog for my channel but…


TECHNICAL FREAKIN DIFFICULTIES KILLED ALL MY FOOTAGE. I had actually just gotten a new vlogging camera and microphone but somewhere along the lines of me filming my video, my mic gave out. 😦 Since that happened, you’re actually not able to hear anything that I am saying at all.

So where am I going with this post you may ask?

I am coming back into the vlogging/blogging world this week and I am very excited! I should be working with some more brands very shortly and I actually can’t wait for all the excitement to come.

Although I didn’t get to film my move in experience, which is so sad, I will be posting a Move In Vlog Story time very shortly, as well as a Dorm Room/Apartment Tour.

So, thank you guys so much for being patient and waiting because I promise you all, more is to come!

Until next time,

Stay Curious,



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