How To: Working With Brands On Instagram

Good Morning Explorers,

Today’s blog post is going to be a little bit different than my usual content but I am excited to put it out there. This is going to be my “How To” guide on working with brands on Instagram and really getting yourself out there in the social media market.

As you guys may know, I recently just put up a blog post working with bloom planners (which was awesome). They were such a fun and relatable company to work with and I enjoyed it a lot. Right now I’m in contact with a couple other brands working out some business and collaboration proposals that I can’t wait to show you guys! If you guys are wanting to build your social media platform and influence like this, I have designed a short and simple guide as to how you can get PR packages and work with these companies.

  1. You should probably have a least 1,000 instagram followers in order to begin social media networking. If you don’t, Instagram makes promoting your stuff very easy. Posting content every other day also helps to boost the amount of traffic that views your content weekly. I know that I definitely need to get into a better habit of posting more content on my Instagram and a great way to start doing that is going out to cool/trendy places. Utilize your camera if you have one and try to take better quality pictures to help boost your aesthetic.
  2. Find brands that correspond to your interests and your content. Do not try to work with brands that have nothing to do with what you write/post/vlog about. For example, I would consider myself a beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger and I wouldn’t work with brands that don’t aline with that.
  3. Send an email to those brands! The best way to begin working with those brands is trying to start a collaboration proposal with them. Also: CHANGE YOUR EMAIL IF YOU WERE LIKE 5 WHEN YOU MADE IT. Do not go and try to work business with a brand if your email is something like “” LOL. I apologize to whoever has that actual email but, come one guys.
  4. Don’t expect brands to always say yes. You’re going to have to get used to a lot of “no thank you” emails. That is fine! Theres going to be brands that are more than happy to send you PR packages in exchange for reviews/videos but there will also be many that do not want to do so and that doesn’t mean it’s personal against you. It means that they simply don’t have the funding to send out free packages at the moment. Do not let this discourage you because there are, once again, brands willing to work with you.
  5. If you’re not very big yet, don’t try to work with big brands. Start small with the brands you work with. The first brand you decide to email shouldn’t be Amazon or something huge like that. Try to aline your follower count with other company instagrams. It is a lot easier to get your first couple of yes emails from brands who are just starting out like you!
  6. It should be a MUTUAL collaboration. Meaning, you should be getting something from the company and they should be getting something from you. Realize that you cannot ask for collaborations and not hold up your end of the bargain. You are either going to probably write or film a review, or mention them throughout your content; it goes both ways. With that being said, don’t work with a brand that doesn’t help you either. You should either be getting their product for free, or having some type of agreement where you as well get something out of this business offer.
  7. It’s Okay To Not Be Making Money. You’re probably not going to make money, at least not yet, and that is okay! You are still getting the social media exposure, and, most of the time, free product!
  8. Do not come into this only wanting fame/money. If you’re doing this for fame or money, you shouldn’t be doing it. This should be something you are passionate about doing and something that you want to do. Fame and money don’t always come out of business collaborations and you shouldn’t only be striving for that.
  9. Don’t work with a ton of brands. It is great to get yourself out there and work with incredible brands across Instagram, but don’t go and email every brand that pops up on your timeline. Like I said before, you should be working with brands and companies that aline with your content but you shouldn’t work with everyone. Working with too many brands may appear more desperate than beneficial.
  10. Have Fun! This should be a new experience for you and you should be enjoying what you’re doing. Don’t let anybody knock you for doing what you’re passionate about.

I hope this helps you guys and sparks your interest in the Instagram business world!

Until next time.

Stay Curious,



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