Back To School Essential: Bloom Daily Planners

Hello Explorers!

Welcome back to my blog! Today’s blog is going to be another product review! These are so much fun to do because I really do put my honest opinions out there and you guys seem to really enjoy what I’ve got to say. This review is a little different than my former reviews, however. For today, I am going to be reviewing an ABSOLUTE school supply ESSENTIAL!

This is bloom daily planners! They are the cutest and most wholesome little business ever and I think you guys will really enjoy their product line. They are a planner company created “By women for women”. They were founded by two girlies from the University of Delaware. It is so awesome to me that after 8 years they were able to create such an amazing business that is growing so quickly.

Thanks to bloom, I was able to receive the Hard Cover Vision Planner in Marble and both the Classic and Holiday Sticker sheets! I really wanted a planner that felt as though it was designed especially for me and these planners really make it seem that way. They have so many incredible options to choose from including planners, planning pads, wedding and teacher lines, and planner accessories; like the stickers!

This team even wrote me the cutest hand-written note! How adorable! Here are some photos of the planner package they sent me just to give you guys an idea of what I liked most off of their website.IMG_6600.jpg IMG_6601.jpgWhat is also awesome is that this company is always tweaking products to fit their customer focused mentality. They use a lot of different social media techniques to make sure their consumers love the product! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest at: bloomplanners as well as on Instagram at: @bloomdailyplanners.

Here’s a little sneak peak of what the planners have on the inside! First, they’ve got a yearly goal page! This is awesome so that at the end of the year you can really reflect back on what you’ve accomplished and see if you have achieved what you wanted to in the beginning. The next page shows a “This Year’s Vision”. This allows you to even place pictures to personalize your planner even more. They included their own quotes such as,

“When you focus on positive things, you attract them yourself.”

-Bloom Planners


Which, if you guys read my Law Of Attraction blog, totally ties into my beliefs and what I strive to do in life.

They also input a “Weekly Scheduling Template” to help quickly jot down some things that you have going on in the week or important events.


The next page is the standard calendar page which is perfect for writing down homework and important activities going on. This is what really helps me to stay on track with my school work.


These next pages are making me laugh because I feel like they are calling out my laziness LOL. These are the “Weekly Focus” pages. On the sides you will see a section for “Notes and Goals” and then on the top portion of the page you are able to write the things that you need to focus on that week. For me personally, I think I will use this section as a to-do list for things like groceries and cleaning my apartment. The reason I said it was calling out my laziness is that at the bottom portion of the page, you write down your meals, amount of exercise, and inspiration.

ya gurl really needs to exercise so this will be awesome.

Theres even a spot to track your water intake which is something everyone needs because hydration is very important!


The last page I have to show you guys comes at the end of each month. The left page shows a “Monthly Vision Board”. This is nice because not only do you have the yearly vision board, you can also set yourself with monthly goals in order to work up to the yearly one. Of course on the right page they end the month with an inspirational quote to get you going through the next month which is a neat little surprise!


Last thing I wanted to show you guys is the stickers that I got. So like I said, I got the Classic stickers and the Holiday Stickers. I am such a sucker for cute stickers! This is the best way to personalize your planner and just make it really scream you! For me, the classic stickers are perfect for school! They have little stickers that say “deadline” which is my favorite! Then the holiday stickers are more personalized which is great too! They come with personalized stickers for each month! I think that is so cute to have each month decorated in your own way!

IMG_6607 2.jpgIMG_6608.jpg

If you guys do end up getting your own Bloom Planner (which I 10/10 recommend) don’t forget to use their hashtag #bloomgirl #plantobloom! They really have created a community to shows everyones support for your individual goals!

Y’all thought I was done getting hyped up about this planner company huh?


After all that incredible stuff they have to offer there is still more! They even give back! With their “Give Back Planner” lines that donate planners to organizations and people in need all over the world and even volunteer at local organizations!

Help this incredible company grow and get yourself one of their products! Use the link to help you guys navigate through their website!

Thank you guys so much for reading another product review and I hope you guys go and get yourself one of these cool planners!

Stay Curious,



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