Poetry: By ME

Hello Explorers,

I’m sure that the title has indicated the topic of this blog. This is actually a lot different than my other content but…Unknown.png

Today I am going to be sharing with you all my poetry! I have actually entered poetry contests with a couple of these pieces and won before but I don’t normally share them with anyone other than contest entries. BUT, I guess today I feel like exposing myself so here we go.


I am not really sad, nor am I depressed or hurt in anyway. Sad poetry is a little bit easier for me to write and I enjoy reading it more so that is why I write this way. Please do not worry about me LOL I swear I’m actually quite happy.


“Bottle Me Up”

I am an empty bottle

I am curved at the edges and

brand new

Day by day,

you poor your liquid into me

I let it sit inside me

You fill me to the top,

I pour myself out. 

I am an empty bottle…again

I am curved at the edges


I am no longer brand new,

though I may appear

You pour more liquid 

It still sits inside me

You pick me up and shake me

I am full/


I explode.


I am not an empty bottle anymore

I am not nice

I am not curved at the edges,

and I am certainly not brand new

There is no more liquid to pour

I am no longer a bottle 

Free Verse:

“Noisy Silence”

Ringing of the phone.

I pick up

Where is the voice I should hear?

Lost in translation so far beyond.

It’s almost as if there is no more communication.

Voices drift through space and time.

Who bothers to listen?

Fill the bath with warm water and let it over flow

Drown thoughts into the bubbled water and let them submerge themselves.

The bubbles will pop eventually 

Trapped voices will still be heard

Lost time and lost opportunities will emerge from the depths.


What is depth?

Space and time are endless

And infinite loop of confidence and nervous behavior 

Worlds swarm each other and we don’t pay attention

If we all drift too far, do you suppose we’ll collide?

If the infinite world all comes together, 

Will it be endless silence or endless noise?

Living an undefined purpose and trying to be heard

Only creates commotion.

Turn on the lights

Brighten the room, let it fill the everlasting darkness

But never forget that light bulbs burn out

The darkness is inevitable



“Tell Me I’m Pretty”

pretty and

pretty and 

pret-ty and

one word, and

six letters.

Word: a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.


according to the dictionary,

I should feel that

when I hear the words

“You’re pretty”

It should mean something/


When those six letters

make up that one 

particular word

I’m supposed to feel 

like a meaningful element 

in life


Tell me what it is that I want to hear


Tell me I’m pretty

Because pretty is good

I guess.




Over the waves go

Where love continues to grow

Until it crashes.

“Dont Wake”

They tell you “Wake Up!”

“Smell the roses, stay the same!”

Sleep and seize the night

“Grow Wild”

A small sprout they saw,

The ones who cut your flowers,

Now envy you and yours


Blue eyes of the day

Green eyes follow close behind

Together: cyan

Thank you guys so so much for reading some of my poetry! I hope you all enjoyed! Comment down below if you guys write poetry on your blogs so I can check it out!

Here are some of the images that inspired my poetry:images.jpegUnknown-3.jpegUnknown-4.jpegUnknown-2.jpeg

Stay curious,





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