Why You Should Start A Blog

Hello Explorers,

I’ve gotten a lot of emailed questions as to why I started a blog and people have asked what kind of advice I should give to those who want to start a blog, but aren’t too sure about doing it. Obviously I’m going to tell you to 100% DO IT. I know I wrote briefly in my ‘About Me’ blog as to why I started a blog, but I’m going to talk a little bit more as to why it was sort of like a dream of mine.

Why Did It:

Blogging, filming, photography, and social media networking/management, has always been something I’ve been interested in. I always felt like it was something I’d never actually get to do because I just didn’t have the power to bring myself to sit down and do it. I think ultimately I was afraid of being judged and of what would happen if I started a new hobby so late in the game. I read a lot of other blogs and I watched some other youtubers and got a lot of inspiration and since I started over summer, I just decided that its a new school year, and it is going to be a new me. A lot of people think that people do this type of stuff just to get famous. Trust me, those are not my intentions, and any attention or views/follows I get from doing what I love is just an extra privilege I suppose.

My Advice/Why You Should Do It:

  1. Do not come into blogging/vlogging wanting nothing more than just fame. If you get attention, that’s amazing but I personally think that aiming only for that isn’t the best reason to start a hobby in social media.
  2. If you’re afraid of being judged, DON’T BE. My biggest fear was this and then I started to realize that if people don’t support you in something you enjoy, then that’s a fault in their character, not yours.
  3. You become a better writer and a better person
  4. You can make money doing what you love
  5. You can establish a relationship with brands and companies

Thank you guys for reading my advice as to why you should start blogging if you’re passionate about it. I hope this inspires you to get active and go for what you want.

Stay Curious,




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