A Cure For Writers Block…Kinda

Hello Explorers,

For the past couple of days I have been tossing and turning trying to figure out something interesting to write that people would actually care to see. It was really bothering me that I couldn’t think of the perfect trendy topic.

and then I realized…

It’s all goooooodddd

Todays blog is going to be my solution for a heavy case of writers block.

This is sort of weird because I’m writing a blog about how I couldn’t write a blog because I have/ had (?) writers block.

any ways

Step Number One:

Allow yourself to write badly! It is OK. I probably already write poorly at times as it is, but what I’ve noticed helps is to simply not care for a little bit. It helps you focus on content rather than the actual words.

Step Number Two:

Read a magazine or watch something new on TV. This one sounds weird but I’m telling you, reading magazines with different topics allows the creative juices to flow. Unknown.jpeg

(This quotes fits nicely here because not everything you think of is gunna be perfect). You bounce ideas off of other authors and make your work more authentic and original.

Step Number Three:

You will never overcome writers block if you write ONLY when you feel inspired. Writing should be a passion, something you want to do all the time. Little things you may see everyday might make you want to change your style and write something new.

“Write when you feel you have nothing to write about; that’s the only time where you get something pure and solely original.”

-me :))

Step Number Four:

You will never overcome writers block if you procrastinate. Making excuses as to why you aren’t writing isn’t going to EVER help you. That is what I learned this morning. Even if you think it is the most garbage thing you have ever written, it’s okay. You don’t have too publish everything you write, but you need to write in order to aim for that good piece you’re looking for.

Step Number Five:

Eliminate distractions and rid yourself of the enemy. Distractions may be the reason that you aren’t writing to your full potential even though you 100% can. Try sitting down at a new spot and see if a newer environment can help you brain storm something amazing.

Hopefully this helps you guys at least a little bit with writers block. If you guys have other ways you tackle the beast, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Stay Curious,




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