Top Three: 2018/2019 Fall And Winter Fashion Trends (Women)

Hello Explorers,

I have been doing some research and watching some of the outcomes of the fashion shows and I was looking into women’s 2018 fall and winter trends. I looked at Calvin Klein, Gucci, Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Tom Ford.


So, as I predicted the fashion trends are super colorful, wild, a very statementI love the fact that we are exhibiting colorful patterns in winter which is very dark and cold colored normally. I’m going to show you guys some pictures of the actual fashion show, and then some photos of how to turn that outrageous and creative look into a look better suited for everyday life, while still keeping a close eye on those trends. Obviously most people don’t have the money to be buying these expensive brands, (if you do hit me up feel free to venmo/cashapp me, I promise I won’t complain), so I’m also going to show you cheaper alternatives to styling for the new season, but maintaining good clothing quality. I find it easier to tell when people are wearing cheaper clothing quality and it honestly defeats the entire purpose of dressing to the trends in my personal opinion.

First we’ve got something that was a little bit unexpected to me. I actually didn’t expect this trend to come back any time soon because it isn’t a personal favorite of mine, but I guess it is time to rid yourself of any tacky opinion towards this new trend and that is…

Animal Prints (specifically zebra and cheetah prints) 

If I’m being 100% honest this is probably my least favorite trend because I’m not sure how I can ever escape the idea that zebra print reminds me of my goth/scene raccoon-eyeliner-looking fifth grade self.Unknown-3.jpeg I added this photo because I wanted to give you all an idea of what I actually think of when I think of zebra print. This huge hot pink ugly fright fest.

However, on a fashion stance, I have put together a couple of animal printed outfits that I wouldn’t necessarily have a huge problem with. Maybe not my cup of tea, but this could be yours.


Heres an outfit from the Milan fashion week by Dolce Gabbana. Ok so as we can clearly see, they are going ALL out on this trend. Dolce-Gabbana-Fall-2018-Ready-to-Wear-3-533x800.jpgThis is a black and white zebra printed coat with what appears to be a fur inner lining. The look is styled with a long statement black-beaded necklace and a zebra print purse with a tan handle. Dolce Gabbana also adds studded zebra leggings and a zebra head hat. If you notice, the designer added hints of gold as an accent color which draws the outfit together with pops of a brighter tone.

I’d also like to add that this model is SO pretty. Her check bones are actually flawless.

Okay, so I was also seeing a lot of animal prints in the style of coats and jackets as I was watching the fashion show so I am going to style an animal print coat.

pzz80522_white_xl_2.jpegScreen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.38.23 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.46.21 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.48.30 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.42.58 AM.png







Here is my example of what I would do in order to style the wild animal print. So what we have here is a Cow Print Denim Jacket from Boohoo ($25.00). I think this is a great alternative to the cheetah and zebra prints but I can show you some styles for those as well. How I paired this trend is with black skinny jeans from Abrocrombie and Fitch ($39.99) that will really draw more attention to the coat. Having the jeans be the skinny fit allows for eyes to focus in on that nice denim jacket. Next, I added just a white fitted t-shirt with a scooped neck from Ralph Lauren ($35.00). This is just a simple piece that will go simply as a layer to the jacket that can easily be tucked into the pants for a more style-savvey look. I also paired a black structured felt hat from Boohoo ($10.00). This not only adds a more sophisticated and well put together look, it also follows one of the next trends, statement headwear. This will act as the accessory to the outfit and I think draw it it fairly well.

these booties


These booties are red and have a stiletto heal. They are from Target ($37.99) and this is the POP of color that this outfit needs. The red is very bright and expressive and shows that you are no plain jane. I LOOVVEE this look and would definitely wear this.

In wearing this outfit you are actually killing 3 fashion trends in one! Thats an animal print, wild color, and statement headwear.

That brings me to my next fashion trend…

Wild Color In Dark Winter

Here are some pops of very bright and fun colors for this upcoming fall and winter. I’m going to show you a couple of pictures so you get the idea of how many colors we’re really talking about. Because theres A LOT. First I’m going to show you Ceylon Yellow. fall_winter_2018_2019_color_trends_ceylon_yellow.jpgHere I have Lanvin (left), Bottega Veneta (middle), and Roksanda (right). These outfits are actually really practical and are so stylish. The one thing I will point out about the left and middle model is their hand bags. The left is showcasing a bright blue handbag with a long and dramatic fringe detailing that is tied perfectly together with her same blue flat shoes. Model in the middle wears a gingham printed bag thats a little bit on the chunkier side with a pointed brown flat. The reason this color is actually perfect is because it is simply bright and fun. Other colors indicate some sort of identity of their own. For example, deep reds show sexy and seclusive while whites and creams show innocence and playful. Yellow is simply FUN and expressive.

Next color that is shown is a Russet Orange. I know what you are all thinking..



This orange color is actually paired quite well by these designers. fall_winter_2018_2019_color_trends_russet_orange.jpgShown in this picture is Jeremy Scott (left), Oscar de la Renta (middle), and another Lanvin (right). Can we just take a moment for Oscar de la Renta’s work PLEASE?! His floral detailing and flair out dress works so well! It actually proves the point that we are…


Jeremy Scott gives us something totally out of the ordinary when pairing two unlikely colors together: russet orange and sky blue. His model even wears her hair blue and at a short bob. I like this because its bringing the fun to fashion while still giving a trendy cold shoulder look. Lanvin gives us a more practical work professional look that I also love. The leather on leather usually wouldn’t work for me but it is 100% working here. The black tones down the orange just a little bit, but doesn’t distract the eye from drawing into those awesome pants!

The last color I’m going to be showing you guys is a Nebulas Blue. This is a bright and vibrant blue color that stands out so well. fall_winter_2018_2019_color_trends_nebulas_blue.jpgIt reminds me of art class as a child with those primary colors and gives me such a homey and enjoyable feel. The designers that we have here are Tibi (left), Prabal Gurung (middle), and Toga (right).

On the Tibi runway, we can see how this dress was paired with that russet orange color and some white boots. This one really caught my eye because it is totally unexpected as to a winter and fall collection. Prabal Gurung shows off an oversized nebulas blue sweater with white feather detailing and white boots. The white with this color seem to pair quite nicely and I like how this designer still keeps the winter themes with the sweatered look. Toga shows how the color can still be a practical piece in layering. All in all this blue is unexpected but very well done.

I’m going to show you a couple of ways to style flairs of color for this upcoming season. Since I showed three colors, I’m going to show you guys how to style three outfits. The colors I have chosen to use are red, green, and tones of pink. I decided to use something different than what the models wore so that you guys can get a sense of other colors.

This first outfit isn’t as dramatic as my next ones, but I did this on purpose because I figured some people aren’t as into the flashes of color but want to stay up to date with fashion trends. I’m going to call this look Heats of Red. I like this one because it’s very neutral and simple until you add that “heat” of red that really ties it all together. Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.07.47 AM.pngThe coat has great detailing on the buttons and ties towards the middle/bottom. The coat is from Forever 21 ($39.99). I paired this with ALL blacks. It’s a little dark and edgy and the red pulls it all together. I paired this with a black turtle neck from LL Bean ($22.95). I also brought in a high waisted black skinny jean from Urban Outfitters ($58.00). I tried to stray away from the distressed jean for this look because of the thigh high boots that will almost blend into the pants. These boots are from DSW ($44.89). The accessories also tie this look together. I chose circle sunglasses and a plain black bag. The glasses are from Urban Outfitters ($9.99) and the black bag is from H&M ($24.99). If you’re one of those people who is afraid of big statements and huge style transformations, this is a great way to introduce yourself into the trends. I kept this look simple, yet bright and fun. This is definitely something that is casual and comfortable but it can be dressed up or down.

Ok so this next look is definitely a lot more exaggerated and over the edge. I actually LOVE this look.

(obviously because I made it..duhhh. Call me a fashion ICON.)

I am 100% kidding. 

ANYWAYS..this look is going to be called “Velma+Shaggy=5ever” because this gives me mega Scooby Doo vibes (inserting picture of Velma and Shaggy so you get the gist.)Unknown-5.jpeg Unknown-6.jpegThey were also supposed to be star crossed lovers in my opinion but WHATEVER Cartoon Network.

Anyways, this look is very edgy to me and it brings together the russet orang and a dark-bright green. The green is a darker shade but it definitely stands out so well and that’s why I call it dark-bright LOL.Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 8.29.41 PM.png


To start this look off I paired a russet orange, opened turtle neck sweater with a green styled work pant. The sweater is from Cold Water Creek ($39.95) and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. Wether you like it in this outfit or not, this sweater could pair well with literally anything. The green pants double as casual pants and totally work professional pants and thats what I also like a lot about this outfit. I could totally see someone wearing this to a job interview, or on a night out on the town. Definitely a day to night type of look. The pants are from Trina Turk ($95.00). The loafers are something I have also notices that is coming back as well and they are from Pluggz. They are $134.00 and that is a little bit crazy for me but theres so many alternatives to these and this particular style was just for the outfit. The blue bag is another fun pop of color and it is from Fiorelli (27.50). The next accessory is gold hoop earrings that tie the whole look together. They are from Revolve ($20.00). That completes this look that I actually am somewhat obsessed with for some reason.


I want to know what you guys think of this look since it’s so abstract. Comment down below what you think so I can bounce some opinions around for future fashion blogs!

The last color flair outfit that I’ve made for today is utilizing the color pink and adding in a pattern (polka dot). This is such a cute everyday outfit that I can envision someone walking down the streets of a busy city in. I also imagine this look with a messy bun and a really cute brief case.Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 9.31.02 PM.png

PSA: If anyone here works in a job that requires a brief case and/or a messy bun and you try to recreate this look I’m going to need to see pictures because this is SO cute.

( if I may say so myself;) )

The first article of clothing is a soft and oversized baby pink coat from Misguided ($24.00). This is cute because I love how it can be worn over anything and just give it an “I’m messy but so fashionable at the same time” type of look. My favorite part of the look is the white envelope skort. Its short, but with the oversized coat, it can totally work in the winter. Plus, it’s from Forever 21 for only $10.00! Next item is a black and grey polka dot cashmere sweater from J Crew ($128.00). Just by looking at this sweater I can actually tell it’s so soft. It brings a texture towards the outfit and focuses attention to that. Last, but certainly not least, are the Jeffery Campbell black ankle boots ($55.00). I am actually really proud of this outfit and I think this may be my next investment LOL.

And that concludes the bright colors for winter and now… onto the third and final fashion trend.

Statement Jewelry



Here’s a photo from Vogue of their models showcasing big statement jewelry pieces. I love the fact that they include not only earrings and casual jewelry, but also body chains and jewelry of that sort. Round circular and ovular necklaces are back and better than ever. I love having statement pieces that compliment the neckline like those. Natural pieces are also very big for the coming season. It makes it a lot easier to get earthy tones and floral pieces into your outfits with earrings. I’ve also been seeing chunky pieces in the world of fashion right now too. Balenciaga was even seen puts  charms and chains on their belt to bring back a popular 90s fashion trend.

For photos and DIYs of this trend I’m just going to show some statement pieces and let you guys know where they’re from since I can’t exactly do an entire outfit that revolves around the jewelry.



Tassel earrings are another big trend coming in. These are a yellow tassel earring from Nordstrom and they retail at $48.00.



These are circular earrings that have a really pretty opaque blue and silver in them. They are actually from Target and they retail at $7.99. Target’s fashion has actually really stepped up A LOT. They’ve got a great selection of pieces and clothes in general so if you haven’t already you should definitely check them out.

That is all the fashion for today Explorers! Thank you guys for indulging in my top 3 fashion trends for 2018 fall and winter. I want to hear what you guys think so don’t forget to comment and let me know what your fashion plans are for this coming season.

Stay Curious,







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