How To Become More Eco-Friendly: Easy Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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(If you haven’t noticed already vine references are inevitable on this blog so please get used to it thank you)

This blog post is going to be about being eco friendly and how to save the earth one step at a time. A lot of people don’t care about the earth simply because the trashes and wastes are not effecting them directly. Let me tell ya folks, if you understood how our earth is deteriorating, I promise that you would care.

(inserting inspirational and motivational earth saving quote now)

“There is not Planet B”

-I have no idea who said this but I wasn’t me so whoever said it feel free to take alla dat credit

Now to get SERIOUS

Some Causes of Pollution and the Affect They Have

Just to kind of give you guys a grasp on the amount of pollution in our oceans right now I’m going to put a couple of pictures of some examples of how most of our marine life is living right now.

Take for example the picture of this little hermit crab right here. This little guy is living in a plastic container as a shell. images.jpegNot only is this EXTREMELY harmful to him, but it shows clearly that there was more plastic readily available to him than there was a seashell which is incredibly sad.  Unknown-1.jpeg

I’m sure most everyone has seen this photo as well. It was taken of a sea horse carrying a cotton swab through the water. Just small little things that are effecting the earth in a HUGE way.

As I’ve been scrolling through Twitter I have been pleasantly surprised at how many people are beginning to realize this issue. But at the same time it also concerns me how this never occurred to them until now.

One of my biggest problems with the amount of pollution in the water right now is known as “Trash Island”. It actually astonished me how companies and just plain everyday people can be THIS filthy. Unknown-4.jpeg

As the picture to the left describes, Trash Island is essentially TONS of trash just floating in the Caribbean. From what I have researched about it is said to be about  1.15 to 2.41 million metric tons of plastic simply floating in the ocean. One of the biggest problems is that the plastic has extreme durability causing it to not break down and it withstands the conditions of marine life. With this trash continuously accumulating marine life is taking an extreme toll.Unknown-5.jpeg

I added this photo as well to kind of give you guys a visual of this Trash Island. Although this does not obviously show the entire thing, that should be enough trash to get anyone concerned.

Not to mention the fact that we have pipes that are DIRECTLY polluting into the ocean. (As seen in the photo below).Unknown-2.jpeg

Do you see the muck in the water? That sewer, all the chemicals you flush down the sinks/toilets. THIS IS THE REASON OUR ECOSYSTEM IS GOING SO SO SO DOWNHILL.



Photos aren’t enough? Let me put this into a perspective for you:

 When pollutants enter the water they smother and cloud the coral reefs. This speeds the growth of damaging algae and puts a smog over the top of the water. With the water being covered, the coral does not see enough sunlight. This impedes their growth and makes them more susceptible to disease, and causes changes in the marine life food system. Many small animals such as smaller fish, shrimp, and clams depend on theses corals. Without the corals, the small animals can die, and then bigger animals no longer have a food source and so on and so on.

I’m sure you get the gist of it now.

Now to talk about something more positive.

Ways That You Can Change Your Everyday Life to Become More Eco Friendly


(teehee wave lol get it)

Okay so I’m sure most of you, actually everyone in the world, has used a straw before. Specifically…PLASTIC non-reasuable plastic.

So this is how were gunna look at the word now: plastic (much better)

One of the coolest little inventions that I’ve seen are reusable or paper straws! Paper straws are good because they are recyclable and biodegrateable. If you’re like me and sometimes textures bother you, they may not be for you. I find that paper straws tend to get soggy very quickly so I personally do not like them, but they’re so much better for the environment. shopping.jpegSo, with that being said I DO recomend reusable silicon or metal straws. These are great and very convenient and travel friendly! The most expensive I have seen these for is about $20 dollars and the cheapest is about $10 dollars and that is such a steal! They even come with brushes for easy cleaning. SO STOP USING STRAWS EVERYWHERE YOU GO! THEY HURT THE SEA TURTLES SO GO AHEAD AND SAVE THEM OKAY? OK.

2.  Reusable Grocery Bags and Functional AND Cute!

Okay so I’m sure you’ve all seen a multitude of cool and beautiful little instagram models using those woven reusable grocery bags, looking all cute and such.

Am I telling you that you’ll look cute if you save the earth and use reusable grocery bags?





Heres a photo of one of those super cute woven bags. They retail on Amazon for the cheapest at $8 dollars.

Think about it:

Imagine…its the present, you’re using reusable bags and looking good AF

Say no to plastic bags! Did y’all know that it takes 1,000 years for one plastic bag to biodegrade? 1,000 YEARS FOR ONE SINGLE BAG GUYS.

3. Bamboo Tooth Brushes

This one is actually a little bit uncommon to most people. Bamboo tooth brushes are a wooden and bamboo alternative to the everyday common plastic household toothbrush. Unknown-8.jpegIts the same deal with plastic bags, plastic tooth brushes also take a very long time to decompose. And we do NOT need that on our earth. They retail on Amazon for like $5. They come in different sizes and textures and work just as well as a normal tooth brush but these are SO much better for the environment.


4. Reusable “Ziplock” Bags

This is yet another example of something we can do to get rid of plastic because as we all know very well, this is the main issue. These are actually SO cute. Unknown-9.jpegThey are made of silicon and come in so many different patterns and colors. They are super easy to wash and they hold sandwiches and other small snacks just as well as any other type of snack bag. They retail on Amazon for variety of different prices depending on how many you get but I would say that on average they are about $15 dollars.


5. Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

This is by far one of the most important things that everyone needs to learn. Whatever you clean your bathrooms with will end up in the ocean! Unknown-11.jpeg
Using harmful chemicals can make marine animals very sick and even end up killing them.Unknown-10.jpeg You should try to stay away from anything that has harsh chemicals such as Ammonia. Examples of some good brands are Method and Green Works.


Thank you guys for reading my 5 tips on becoming eco friendly. I hope this inspires you to get out and make small and simple changes to your lifestyle and help out our earth!

Stay Curious,



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