Glossier Product Review


(dramatic effect added so that I can just make you understand how excited I am to blog this particular blog )      Unknown-11.jpeg

Hello Explorers,

Welcome back to my blog, I’m sure I was missed. LOL just kidding.

Todays blog is going to be a Glossier product review. The reason why I am so excited is because I’ve never used a brand before where I couldn’t really find any negatives. Most brands are great but there’s always a couple things such as price and what not. But no sir. Not with Glossier. They literally rock.

I would also like to put it out there that this is NOT a sponsored blog and that this is my honest opinion about the products that I own. I will receive NOTHING for creating this blog post and I simply did it so you guys could see how incredible the brand is.

Just to give everyone a background on the Glossier product line, they are a brand based on dewy and natural looking makeup to make you have the makeup-less makeup look, if ya get what I’m saying.


Their brand is LITERALLY:

“Skin First, Makeup Second.”


Let me start by saying… I LIVE FOR THIS BRAND. When I have my finished face of Glossier I feel so complete and ready for anything that comes my way. I would just like to point out that if you are someone who likes FULL coverage, some of the products in this brand might not be for you, liked their Skin Perfecting Tint or their Concealer. However, wether you’re someone who does a full face of makeup every single day, or someone who barley wears any makeup… GIRL YOU ARE COVERED THEY GOT SOMETHING FOR YA.

Basically how today’s post is going to work, I am going to leave a picture of each item that I have reviewed and then just let you guys know how this works, what it is, and how much it costs. I am going to go in order of how you are supposed to use them with the skin care, and then just in the order that I use them for the actual make up.

OK BREAK!Unknown-12.jpeg


The first product I have here is the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This is step one in the skin cleansing process and basically what it is is a clear jelly-like face wash. It goes on SOOO smooth and is an actual skin care ESSENTIAL. They way I use it is I take off my makeup with a makeup removing wipe, get warm water to open my pores, and wash with the cleanser. You only need to use about the size of a quarter of the jelly cleanser every time you wash your face so it is super nice and will last a long time. Glossier also makes this in a travel size for when you are on the go! This retails for $18 dollars for the full bottle and $9 for the mini bottle. This is a MUST HAVE! This product also won the Alure Best of Beauty in 2017.  I would rate this product a 10/10.



Next step is the Glossier Face Exfoliator and Skin Perfector. This is basically like your average toner. So after cleaning your skin with their Milky Jelly Cleanser, you go ahead and take a cotton pad and squirt on some of this and wipe it all over your face. This helps to remove any excess dirt or buildup that the face wash can’t get to and it is GREAT. It’s a little strong but if you use the right amount it is totally fine. This one retails for about $24 dollars. It is awesome and I definitely recommend to get that overall clean feel. I would rate this product an 8/10

In the next series of amazing skin saving steps is the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. This stuff works pretty well and is definitely hydrating, but doesn’t give you the same cool or refreshing feeling that other moisturizers give. It is also a little bit on the stronger side so if you have sensitive skin like me don’t use too much!Unknown-15.jpeg

(insert drum role here)

SOOOOOO…funny story about this. Before I got the Glossier Priming Moisturizer I was using the Nutrogena Hydrating Cream (which is also pretty good btw) and I was used to putting on A LOT of it. So, when I received my Glossier Moisturizer I just assumed (idiot) that I could put on a fairly generous amount…


No damage was done and I didn’t get a chemical burn or anything crazy but my face turned BRIGHT RED. It was actually so funny I looked like a sad tomatohdRA8XEnBQ-12.png. Anyways.. after that SCEEN that I caused I used it again the next day on a very small scale and it worked like a charm! It was soft and definitely took care of some of the dry patches on my skin. This product retails for $22 dollars. I would rate this product an 8/10.

The next Glossier product is my FAVORITE skin care product that they make EVVVVEEERRRRR. Okay, so this is the Glossier Super Glow Vitamin C Serum. (The orange dropper bottle). This stuff is SOOOO awesome. Unknown-16.jpegYou take a small amount of the serum and put it onto different areas of your skin and not only is is super hydrating, it wakes up tired looking skin. It gives you that amazing bounce back look and makes your skin look less dull. I don’t have the other two serums but that will definitely be my next purchase because of how great this one is. It retails for $28 dollars and I would rate it a 10000/10 🙂


images-5.jpegNext is the Glossier Balm Dotcom (Specifically in the flavors Rose and Birthday Cake). To start I would like to put out there that I ordered the Rose Balm Dotcom and they sent me both the Rose Balm Dotcom AND the Birthday Cake one so shout out to you Glossier, much love from yours truly ❤ ❤ Basically the Balm Dotcoms are lip balms and skin saves all in one. If you read the directions on the back it talks about how you can actually use this stuff on dry skin AND your cuticles. I found that SUPER awesome. It makes your lips feel so nice so I mean…Unknown-17.jpeg

If you’re tying to get some smooches on you know what to do…


Flavor wise I LOVE the rose one but I don’t love the birthday cake simply because it just isn’t the taste for me, but I still use it and even if you didn’t want to use it on your lips you could always help those cuticles. These retail for $12 and I rate them a 10/10 best lip balm I’ve ever used.

Next is their Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen. Let me put this into the world of beauty:Unknown-18.jpeg

If I can teach you ANYTHING about beauty it is that you NEED to be using sunscreen of some sort.

Sunscreen is NOT optional and it really protects you from harsh sun damage. If your foundation does NOT have SPF you need to grab yourself a bottle of this. The Glossier Sunscreen is SPF 35 and offers you the right amount of protection for in sun makeup wear. Apply this before your foundation or Glossier Correcting Skin Tint. My only tiny tinsie complaint about this product is that I feel as though it makes me look slightly greasy, however if you have a finishing or setting powder it takes that issue right away. This retails for $25 dollars and I would rate this product an 8/10.

For my next two Glossier items I’m going to combine them into one review because they Unknown-19.jpegwere bought in a pack together and that is the Body Hero Duo. Basically what these are is a body wash for the shower, and an after shower lotion. These are amazing and if you’re like me and love a floral, almost jasmine sent, you will LOVE these. The oil body wash is an oily consistency but does not make your skin feel greasy at all. You feel amazingly clean and very refreshed. After the shower, when your skin is most absorbent, you put on the body hero lotion. This stuff is so creamy and soft and smooth and got you feeling like a baby’s butt ON GOD. They retail for $35 dollars for the two of them and I would rate them a 9/10.


MAKEUP TIME WOO WOO!unknown-20-e1532475376959.jpeg

For the makeup I am going to be listing them in the order that I personally use them. I’m sure lot’s of people do this lot’s of different way but here is how I do it.

First I use the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in the shade Medium. If you are the girl that images-6.jpegisn’t the best at makeup and blending, or just simply wants a more natural look, this is the product for you. This skin tint basically evens out skin tone without covering up too much to give the skin a more natural complexion. If you SUCK at blending you can literally use your hands and you will be just fine. If you ROCK at blending you can use a brush or a blender and you will be just fine. This product is just very versatile and one of those “for everyone products”. This retails for $26 dollars and I would rate this product a 10/10 <3. To me this one is in the category of my must haves!

Next is the Glossier Stretch Concealer in the Shade Light. Now I got this shade a little bit Unknown-21.jpeglighter than my skin because I like to highlight with my concealer. This stuff is so cool. So since it comes in the little container you would think it would be a little bit on the dryer side and a little bit hard to blend, BUT NO. This stuff rocks and it is so creamy and easy to blend into the skin tint and looks great. I feel like out of all the Glossier skin products that I get a really good amount of coverage. This is another part of my must have beauty list and I love it so so much. This concealer retails for $18 dollars and I would read this product yet another 10/10. 🙂

My last and final Glossier product review is the Glossier Boy Brow in the shade Brown. 


Unknown-22.jpegIf you are going to have one Glossier product…one AT ALL, it needs to be the Glossier Boy Brow. It is the most amazing brow gel I have EVER used. It holds your brows down while filling them in, while keeping them natural looking. I mean WOW. This is the best thing Glossier has made and I APPLAUD them for this creation. It retails at $16 dollars and I would rate it a 1000/10. 


Thank you guys so much for reading my Glossier Product review. I hope this helps you guys pick out some AMAZING Glossier products.

Stay Curious,




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