Why You Don’t Need Meat Or Dairy To Be Healthy…BASED ON FACT

Hello Explorers,


Okay, and that is all. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. See ya Folks;)

Just kidding.

Today I’m going to enlighten all of you on why being a vegan is totally doable and break the horrible stigma that somehow veganism is a negative.

There are many reasons why people think that going vegan or vegetarian is bad for your body. Many people claim that without meat you are not getting enough protein.

I get it guys.

You’re all trying to be big and buff and think that vegans and vegetarians just participate in this diet for the trend and that there’s “no way” y’all can get those gains without your meal prep meat.

Let me just put this out there…



Nor am I telling you that if you choose to eat meat that you’re a bad person.

I am simply breaking this false barriers between a healthy lifestyle and vegans/vegetarians.

From a Health Stand Point:

First, I’m going to talk strictly about veganism. Meaning that vegan people do not eat meat and dairy, nor do they buy any products made from animals such as leather or any types of furs, suede, etc. This can actually be one of the healthiest lifestyle choices, IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY.

Plant based foods are PACKED with nourishment to aid our body.

“Well-planned vegan diets follow healthy eating guidlines, and contain all the nutrients that our bodies need. Both the British Dietetic Association and the American Academy Of Nutriton and Dietetics recognize that they are suitable for every age and stage of life.”

-Vegan Society (vegansociety.com)

Eating vegan had also been reported in studies to give people more energy and less problems. It is actually very well known throughout the medical feild that dairy, such as milk and cheese, can actually cause allergies and acne due to the intense amount of hormones that are used in production. My own doctor has actually told me this but I’ll quote someone else here so y’all actually believe me.

“A growing body of research has found that consuming too much dairy can actually be harmful…One sweeping study founf that women who drank 2.5 or more glasses of milk a day had a higher risk of fractures than their counterparts who drank less or none.”

-Mother Jones (motherjones.com)


I would also like to add the fact that daiy, milk especially has been one of those things that is programmed into our minds as a child that we NEED to have in order to be healthy.

Because it completes the food pyramid, right?




Milk is actually said to have significantly decreased the strenght of bone, despite common belief! (GASP) It’s almost as if…WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO OUR WHOLE LIVES  …

WOW. (insert mind blown here)



I would also like to point out that I am NOT a vegan! I am only a vegetarian and I do not want to seem as if I am being a hypocrite telling you what and how to eat. I am aware that milk is bad for you and that the dairy industry is AWFUL, so I do not drink milk directly, however I do eat eggs and cheese, therefore not making me a vegan. I hope to transition into veganism at some point in my life, but figured it’d be best if I start with vegetarian first.

I do not like the negativity that I get for my chosen diet nor does my mom or any other vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian for their choice.


With that being said, that is why i decided to share my information as to why you are more likley to be healthy AND fit through this diet.


Since I talked about the dairy point of veiw of veganism, I would now like to touch base on the meat part. So this also applies to being a vegetarian. Eating meat DOES provide you with protein, but eating meat is not the only food that does. One of the most common critiques of cutting meat from diet is

“hOw dO yOu GeT uR PrOTeIn” Unknown-9.jpeg

Heres a short list on common food items that will give you just as much protein, if not more protein than meat:

  1. Beans
  2. Broccoli
  3. Spinach
  4. Nuts
  5. Seeds
  6. Cauliflower
  7. Oats
  8. Coconuts

And if you’re just a vegetarian, not a vegan, greek yogurts and some cheeses ALSO have proteins in them.

It all comes down to eating healthy and doing it the right way. You don’t get to say you’re a vegan if all you eat is bread and unhealthy foods. I cannot stress the importance of doing it right enough!

It just simply comes down to what you’re motives are and why you want to change your diet.

Which bring me to my next topic:

From an Animal Activist Stand Point

images-4.jpegimages-2.jpeg images-3.jpeg

Animals do NOT want ot be eaten and they were NOT created for human consumption (in MY opinion)

I bet one time or another you have thought to yourself that the dog meat trade in foreign countries is horrible because how could someone want to eat your little Spike or Rover?

You’re not wrong, the dog meat trade is AWFUL.

But did it ever occur to you that those same countries who eat what we call “pets” call our “pets” food?

It is all about where you were brought up and what you were told as a child.  Most likley, you were told that doggies and kitties are pets, but cows and chickens are chicken nuggets and hamburgers but it never bothered you because you were raised to believe that those animals are meant to be eaten.

Now listen, I am not Peta and I am not going to insert some really disturbing pictures to show you how “humane” farmers treat their animals. But I can simply tell you, it is NOT pretty and very far from humane. The meat industry and even the dairy industry restrict animals from living their lives at all. They are locked in cages all day and night long and are used for one thing and one thing only:

Food production.

Not to mention, many of these animals are just as smart if not smarter than dogs. Pigs, for example, are one of the smartest animals on earth and yet as a society we are not able to recognize that because we only care about bacon. Many of these poor farm animals have the potential to not only be great pets but just to love. Just as we see dogs and cats as cute animals, we should be seeing the others just the same.

With ALL OF THAT being put into this blog and out into the universe, I am going to end my rambling here. I could go on and on about why you should cut dairy and meat out of your livves but no one has the time for that. LOL. I totally understand if you don’t feel like you can devote your life to a vegan diet! It is difficult to give up things that you eat on a regular basis. But, if I can encourage you to do one thing and one thing only, it’s to spread this message and just attempt cutting down on your dairy and meat intake. Who knows, you might end up sticking with it! Down below I am going to list some of my favorite vegan/vegetarian resturants if anyone is interested!


Stay Curious,




My Favorite Vegan/Vegetarian Resturants that are AWESOME:
Sea Birds Kitchen, Cafe Graditude, The Loving Hut, Mothers, Oasis, Urth Cafe.





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