About Me…

Hello Explorers,

Welcome to my blog! As you can probably tell, introductions are usually really awkward…

images.jpegDid I just use an ICarly gif from 2013? Of course I did.

Before I dabble on with my introduction on myself, how do you guys pronounce “Gif”? Is it supposed to be “Jif” as in Jiffy Lube, or “Gif” as in Gift? The world my never know…


My name is Ryann and as most of you may know, I am currently 18 years old. I have a passion in creative writing, film, and photography and have decided to expand my hobbies onto more social media platforms such as my blog and my Youtube channel.

I enjoy a variety of REALLY FUN activities such as laying in bed and binge watching Friends and 90210! YAY FOR PRODUCTIVITY!

But on a serious note, I do have an extreme passion for social media and would love to one day be really good at it. I am a freshman at the California State University of San Marcos and I will be majoring in Biology in hopes of becoming a veterinarian in the near future.


This is a very accurate representation of me trying to think of literally anything cool about myself to talk about right now.


As some people may be asking,

“Why create a blog?”

I truly think that writing about my life and opinions will be something really fun to look back on in the future and it will also allow me to become a stronger writer and influencer.

Another random fact about me is that I am a vegetarian! (GASP)

I decided that going vegetarian would be the best way to end animal cruelty in my life, as I am a huge animal person. Although I haven’t been a vegetarian for too long, I do not plan of going back. My biggest inspiration as to why I’ve decided to cut meat out of my life is my mama:) LET ME TELL YALL… this women is the most eco friendly, hippie-weirdo that I have ever met and she takes the time out of her life to help the earth.

So basically what I’m saying is that she ROCKS.


I’m sure I will end up doing a blog about being more eco-friendly and cutting meat and dairy out of your life one step at a time.

I’ve decided too cut this intro very very shorts so that I can actually write things of actual importance LOL.

Stay Curious,



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